Nadia Calmet

Calmet is an Artivista; with over 25 years of experience teaching, choreographing, and composing traditional Afro Peruvian music, as well as writing over 20 theatrical productions. She holds multiple degrees and certifications in areas which include Art Therapy, Public Policy Development, Intercultural Education, Child Development, Dances of the African Diaspora, Cultural Management and Community Art Development, and has visited over 30 countries investigating dances of African origin. Nadia has received numerous recognitions and continues to give lectures at various universities in Perú and The United States, where she currently resides, living and growing as a mother, teacher, and cultural manager and director of The Afro-Peruvian Experience, an interdisciplinary artistic company, where she develops her vision of sharing and promoting the cultural diversity of Peru and making visible the valuable contribution of Afro-descendants to the cultures of the world, with emphasis on traditional Peruvian instruments such as La Cajita, La Quijada de Burro and El Cajón.

Cajón, Cajita y Quijada” a bilingual and audio book.
The book has been created with the intention to educate children from all over the world about Afro Peruvian culture and instill a love and appreciation for the collective experience of its contributors. Its editors, and author Nadia, have developed a story reflecting the resilience and resistance of Afro Peruvian heritage through the presentation of three musical instruments from Perú; The Cajon, The Cajita, and The Quijada. Not only as a way to inspire new generations to write and tell their own stories, but to recognize the value of the oral story telling tradition being a fundamental way to recognize and support pueblos of afrodescendants in Latin America. We welcome everyone reading along with their children to celebrate by dancing and singing to their own music.




Nadia Calmet


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